2023 Costume Contest Winners

Over 27 members of the community participated in the HAPL’s 2023 Costume Contest. Enjoy these photos of the winners.

The judges have selected the winners of the 2023 Costume Contest. Now in its second year, the contest received a total of 27 entries, many from adults and children. Teens, you should show off your costumes next year; furthermore, you are missing out on a chance to win a great prize!

Residents in the library district were responsible for taking a photo of themselves in their Halloween costumes and then sharing it with the library. They had to fill out a quick online form and then they were entered. What’s more, they had the chance to win a prize that was made in the library’s Creative Studio for participating! We want to express our huge thanks to everyone who entered, and congratulations to the winners.

There were three categories to choose from:

  • Group one: Ages 1-12
  • Group two: Ages 13-18
  • Group three: Ages 18 and up

In addition to the winners, we received several other fantastic entries, including Wonder Woman, a Garbage Man, Jessie from Toy Story, an Owl, Star Lord, and many, many others. You all looked fabulous! We hope you had a magnificent Halloween; you truly embodied the spooky season.

Thanks to the library’s Creative Studio for creating the amazing prizes for this contest. If you are interested in learning more about the Creative Studio or want to make an appointment to see what technology is available, or if you are ready to start a project, click here to get started.

Adult (18 & up) 2023 Costume Contest Winners

Teen (13-18) 2023 Costume Contest Winners

Children (1-12) 2023 Costume Contest Winners

Here’s another look at the prizes the winners received:

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