A Thank You From Library Director Frank Novak

I just received news that the citizens of the Huntley Area Public Library District have approved the library’s building program. We are obviously happy with the results, but we are also humbled by the outpouring of support that we received from the community we serve. Thank you to the citizens of the Huntley Area Public Library District.

With the vote over, it is now the library’s duty to begin the process of moving forward with the building program in a way that provides the most value to our community while maintaining our taxpayers’ trust and making the library something everyone is proud to say is their “home” library.

On behalf of the library board, its staff, and its users, I would like to thank the Citizens for Library Yes Committee and the Huntley Area Public Library District Friends Foundation for all of their support during this process. We also extend our thanks to the many citizens who served on the library’s Core Planning Group and Citizen Task Force. Thank you also to the folks who participated in the Sun City Focus Group and to the people who made time to hear library representatives speak about the project.