Magicians – Read It and Rate It

The Magicians
The Magicians #1
by Lev Grossman

Review #1
* * * * * Stars (Amazing)
This book is about Quenton Coldwater, a regular guy in high school living in Manhattan. One day he goes for a job interview, but finds the man dead. Hours later he’s still sitting in that same room, but now there are dozens of police and detectives there. A lady comes up to him and tells him that he can go and hands him a package on his way out. When he’s outside he opens it and finds the last book in his favorite series, but he’s never heard of this one before. Just as he’s about to start reading it a note inside it flies away. He chases after it, but as he does he ends up on the front lawn of a gigantic house. It’s warm there, which is weird, because back where he was it was freezing. He is given a test inside a big room with lots of other people his age. When he finished there were only about ten people left. He’s then brought into a room alone and is given a bunch of weird tasks by many adults. After many hours he finishes and all of the adults come into the room and they tell him he’s a magician and he can do magic. Read the book to find out more. Read it! It’s GOOD! 

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