Harry Potter Page to Screen – Read It and Rate It

Harry Potter Page to Screen: The Complete Filmmaking Journey by Bob McCabe Non-fiction Review #1 * * * * * Stars (Amazing!) Page to Screen tells the entire story of the Harry Potter films, from the first time the story caught a producer’s eye, to the last day of filming. It features interviews with cast members, producers, directors, and J.K. Rowling herself.

Paper Crafts: A Maker’s Guide – Read It and Rate It

Paper Crafts: A Maker’s Guide Non-fiction Review #1 * * * * * Stars (Amazing!) Paper Crafts has a variety of crafts with step-by-step instructions and templates to guide the process. There are 15 projects with a range of difficulties for both beginning and advanced paper crafters. I enjoyed the easy-to-follow instructions and the history of each craft style (included before each craft).

Sea Creatures – Read It and Rate It

Sea Creatures by Susanna Daniel Realistic Fiction Review #1 * * * * Stars (Great!) A family, Grahm (father), Frankie (son), and Georgia (mother) move to Miami. The family moved from Illinois after an accident stemming from Grahm’s sleep disorder. They make their home in a small houseboat near her father and stepmother’s house. Out of boredom and nothing to do at the house, Georgia takes a job as an “errand girl” for a hermit. … Read more

Jane Eyre – Read It and Rate It

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte Classic Historical Fiction Romance Review #1 * * * * Stars (Great!) Jane as a kid lived with her wealthy aunt. Many times she was accused of things she didn’t do. Soon after, her aunt didn’t want to take care of her. She sent Jane to a boarding school. The teachers were harsh and she got a bite of bread and a sip of water for almost every meal. She … Read more

Tuesdays with Morrie – Read It and Rate It

Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom Nonfiction Review #1 * * * * * Stars (Amazing!) “Tuesdays with Morrie” tells the story of Morrie Schwartz’s last weeks of life as he slowly loses his life to ALS. It teaches lessons on how to live life to the fullest through acceptance of death. I liked this book because it taught lessons that can be applied to anyone’s life. Review #2 * * * * * Stars … Read more

Boy in the Striped Pajamas – Read It and Rate It

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas by John Boyne Historical Fiction Review #1 * * * * * Stars (Amazing) A young, rich boy moves from his hometown to the “out-with” a smaller mansion across from a concentration camp. With no children near him, he makes friends with a Jewish boy who lives across the fence. Never touching or playing, just talking. They often compared one another’s lives. I liked the book because it sounds … Read more

Help – Read It and Rate It

The Help by Kathryn Stockett Historical Fiction Review #1 * * * * * Stars (Amazing!) “The Help” takes place in the early 1960s and focuses on African American maids working for white families and the unfair treatment they must go through. This book focuses on the perspectives of Minny, Abileen, and Skeeter. Overall, “The Help” is an amazing book. Review #2 * * * Stars (Pretty good) This a great book. It tells the … Read more

Chasing Red – Read It and Rate It

Chasing Red by Isabelle Ronin Romance Review #1 * Star (A waste of time!) “Chasing Red” is about a girl who has lost everything, but stumbles into a boy named Caleb, who takes her into his home. They fall in love, but it is all disturbed in the end. I didn’t really like this book because it didn’t have a super engaging storyline and only really picked up at the end. It was much too … Read more

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child – Read It and Rate It

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child by Jack Thorne, J.K. Rowling, and John Tiffany Adventure Fantasy Review #1 * * * Stars (Pretty good) This book is about Harry Potter and his children – Lily, James, and Albus. Albus proves to be the most difficult to raise because he thinks his dad doesn’t love him. He soon finds out differently because he and his friend Scorpius get pulled back in time and they find Albus’ … Read more

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