No Sit Book Club – September 2021

It’s suddenly October! I have mixed feelings. I miss the long days of summer – it’s getting harder to find daylight hours to do things outside, whether that’s bike rides or kayaking or gardening or whatever. The sun either isn’t up when I am, or it’s going to bed. There’s still so much I want to do while the weather is nice. But I am also looking forward to FALL STUFF. Like apple orchards (and … Read more

No Sit Book Club – August 2021

I started the month of August off by breaking my left pinky toe – you wouldn’t think something that small would hurt so much! The doctor put me in a boot and my activity was limited for a couple of weeks, so I actually read more print books than listened to audiobooks this month. Here are a couple, though, that I did enjoy: Laziness Does Not Exist, by Devon Price – This book by Dr. … Read more

No Sit Book Club – July 2021

July has flown by, and for me it’s been filled with audiobooks. I’ve been listening to books in the car, and while I’m working in the garden and around the house. Since it’s been so dry, I’ve been watering my plants pretty regularly and listening to books makes that chore a bit more interesting. Here are some books I listened to this month (click on the titles/links for a more in-depth synopsis/review): Wild Bird, by … Read more

No Sit Book Club – June 2021

Hello audiobook-listening friends! I hope you’re having a great summer. I decided to focus on some gardening projects this month, so I’ve been listening to audiobooks while I’m weeding, planting, and doing yardwork. Time really flies by when you have a good reader, a good story, and endless work to do. I stayed out one night until I couldn’t see what I was doing anymore. 🙂 I also spend a fair amount of time driving … Read more

No Sit Book Club (grades 6-12)

Starting in May (2022) we are taking the No Sit Book Club OUTSIDE! We will meet up (monthly) at the library’s Information Desk and then take a walk in the park that’s adjacent to the library while we talk about whatever books we’ve been reading. You can read whatever books you like and share your thoughts about them (not restricted to audiobooks). If the weather refuses to cooperate, we’ll have our discussion inside in one … Read more