No Sit Book Club – February 2022

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Happy almost spring! I was listening to an audiobook (A Master of Djinn) while working on my winter sowing project this past weekend – so my ears were full of strange crocodilian gods, ifrit, and djinn as I readied 65 or so containers with potting mix and seeds (these go outside now and act like tiny greenhouses – the seeds sprout when the conditions are warm enough, and I just have to make sure they stay humid inside). The book features a fiesty, female agent who fancies colorful suits and bowler hats and works for an Egyptian ministry that deals with magic and supernatural beings. (older teens and adults, fantasy)

The Iron Trial, by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare – This is the first book in the Magisterium series, which was on the 2019 Rebecca Caudill list. I didn’t read it then, but I’m glad I finally got around to it. Callum Hunt is whisked off to the Magisterium to take part in a series of examinations to determine his magical ability. For some reason his dad (another magical practitioner) is NOT happy about this and encourages Cal to deliberately fail. He does spectacularly poorly, but it doesn’t matter. He is talented enough that they take him on anyway – to protect the world from an untrained magic user. Cal and his fellow apprentices work through their first level of magic mastery and more of the mystery surrounding Cal’s origins is slowly revealed. More about The Iron Trial here. (tween, grades 5-8, fantasy)

The Girl with All the Gifts, by M. R. Carey – Zombies! Or, rather, “Hungries!” This takes place in the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse. A team of human researchers and military are trying to study “hungry” children and figure out what makes them tick/different from the more mindless, adult hungries that have eaten or bitten most of humanity. Their research could prove vital to the survival of our species. Some graphic violence. There’s a sequel to this called The Boy on the BridgeMore here. (older teens and adults, post apocalyptic/science fiction)

Devolution, by Max Brooks – Max Brooks wrote World War Z, which was about zombie attacks and was told from a bunch of different perspectives. This new book of Brooks’ also features a cast of characters, though one set is featured predominantly. Instead of zombies, it has yetis/bigfoots?bigfeet?/Sasquatches, who begin preying on an isolated community of humans when Mt. Rainier erupts in Washington state, destroying their natural habitat. I listened to this at the same time as The Girl with All the Gifts and occasionally lost track of which book I was in because it was all attacks all the time! Zombies, yetis, whatever! Also has some graphic violence. (older teens and adults, science fiction)

What have you been reading/listening to this month? Submit your books and activities here: No Sit Book Club

Coming later this spring… (in May) Changes to the No Sit Book Club. READ or LISTEN to books. We’ll be meeting in person and discussing the books we’ve read while taking a walk in the park that’s adjacent to the library. Check the library’s events calendar on our website, and register to attend.