No Sit Book Club – May 2022

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We had our inagural meeting of the No Sit Book Club OUTSIDE and walked through the park that’s adjacent to the library while we talked about the books we’ve been reading. If you would like to join us in June, please register to attend. You can read whatever books you like and share your thoughts about them (not restricted to audiobooks). If the weather refuses to cooperate, we’ll have our discussion inside in one of the program rooms. You can find more book club dates on the library’s online events calendar.

Here are some books we talked about:

The Hunger Games series, by Suzanne Collins – two of us really like dystopian fiction and when “The Hunger Games” came out, it spurred a publishing frenzy of similar books/series as fans eagerly gobbled up everything they could get their hands on in this genre. My favorite book in the series was the first one, but one of the club attendees really likes the second book. I finally listened to the prequel while ago – “The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes” – and did not expect to enjoy it because it’s all about Coriolanus Snow’s young life and rise to power (and he’s pretty despicable in the trilogy), but I was pleasantly surprised by it. Suzanne Collins (the author) actually makes you (at least initially) sympathetic to his circumstances. If you haven’t read “The Hunger Games,” you might want to try it. (grades 8+, dystopian)

Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, by Rick Riordan – one attendee was looking forward to starting this series, which was recommended by a friend. I seconded the recommendation. If you like Greek or Roman mythology and lots of adventure, action, and suspense, this would be a good series to try. Or re-read, if you’ve already read it! I read the books in print and then listened to them later on – they are enjoyable both ways. 🙂 You might also watch the movies and compare them to the books. Is it true that books are often better than the movies? Or are they just different? (grades 5+, fantasy)

Maximum Ride series, by James Patterson – another series that an attendee liked, which has a lot of fans. People of ALL ages love James Patterson. Awhile ago I stumbled upon this video, which cracked me up. Basically, it says that James Patterson has written EVERYTHING. I mean, clearly NOT, but he has written a LOT and his name pretty much sells books. This series, if you aren’t familiar with it, follows the adventures of some teens/kids who have been genetically modified with animal DNA and they have wings and can fly (bird kids!), which they do – right out of the research lab they were locked up in. Max is their leader, and she learns that she’s got to use her powers and her people to save the world. Chapters are short and sweet and you’ll find yourself racing through this exciting series. (grades 5+, science fiction)

What have you been reading/listening to this month? Share books here: No Sit Book Club