Regular Meeting Minutes – August 20, 2014

Huntley Area Public Library District

Board of Trustees Minutes for Regular Meeting

August 20, 2014


The Board of Trustees of the Huntley Area Public Library District met at the library on August 20, 2014.  President Jan Schadt called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.  Also present were Mitch Baker, Beverly Cannalte, Virginia Maravilla, Kathleen Pilat, and Frank Novak, Director.  Rusty Ayers and Ann Christiansen were absent.

Visitors:  Steve Bytnar, resident.  Constance Bytnar, resident.  Paul Inserra, auditor.  Marilyn Powell, Head of Circulation.  Rosie Lukas, Head of Public Services.  Liz Steffensen, Head of Information Services. 

Public Comment:  None.

Presentation of the Audit of Library Financial Statements for FY 2013-2014, Paul Inserra, McClure, Inserra & Company:  Paul Inserra presented the audit of the library’s financial statements to board members, which included a clean opinion letter.  He recommended following the best practice of getting copies of bank checks.  Novak responded that he has made this request of the bank and the bank has agreed.

Inserra exited the meeting at 7:14 p.m.

Approval of the Audit of Library Financial Statements for FY 2013-2014: Baker motioned, Pilat seconded to approve the FY 2013-2014 Audit of Library Financial Statements.  Roll call votes were: Baker-Aye, Cannalte-Aye, Maravilla-Aye, Pilat-Aye, and Schadt-Aye.  All Ayes.  No Nays.  Motion approved.

Secretary’s Report:  Baker motioned, Maravilla seconded to approve the July 9, 2014 Regular Board Meeting Minutes as submitted.  Four Ayes.  Cannalte-Abstain.  No Nays.  Motion approved.

Novak indicated the library did not qualify for the Energy Efficiency Grants mentioned in the July 9, 2014 Regular Board Meeting Minutes.

Financial Reports and Checks:  Pilat motioned, Baker seconded to approve the Financial Reports and Checks including the monthly Treasurer’s Report, the Semi-Annual Treasurer’s Report: January-June 2014, the Annual Treasurer’s Report: Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2014, and checks as submitted for August.  Roll call votes were:  Baker-Aye, Cannalte-Aye, Maravilla-Aye, Pilat-Aye, and Schadt-Abstain.  Four Ayes.  One Abstain.  No Nays.  Motion approved.

Monthly Income/Expense Report (Discussion):  No discussion.

Constance Bytnar, resident, entered the meeting at 7:19 p.m. and exited the meeting at 7:24 p.m.

Librarian’s Report:  Presented by Novak.

Personnel:  Staff feedback was provided on the Complaint Policy. 

Facilities/Operations:  No additional oral comments.

Community/Fundraising:  The library will transition to a bimonthly newsletter in December 2014 with a larger, magazine format.  Money will be saved on postage.  A new marketing plan is being developed.  A resident submitted a suggestion to add a library materials drop box north of Algonquin Road.  At the next regular board meeting, the board will be asked to review Chapter 7 of “Serving Our Public” for the Per Capita grant application.

Circulation/Program Usage:  No additional oral comments.

RAILS Library System Report:  No additional oral comments.

Pilat questioned if the newsletter format change would have an impact on program participation.  Schadt recommended reevaluating after a time.  Board members shared ideas for improving newsletter content including adding feature stories on the collections, contributions, and staff.

Locations and potential costs of remote drop boxes were discussed.  Novak was asked to investigate the drop box suggestion and respond to the resident. 

Components of the Complaint Policy were deliberated about including having two initial interactions with the supervisor and a third party involved in the complaint process.

Committee Reports:

Board Policy:  The Policy Committee will schedule a meeting to discuss staff and board feedback on the Complaint Policy.

Finance:  No report.

Friends’ Liaison:  Reported by Schadt.  The Friends will be working on Holiday baskets soon.

The next book sale takes place September 27-28 at the Huntley Fall Fest.  A lecture will be held at the Cosman Center on October 2.  A Downton Abbey Tea will be held at Boulder Ridge on November 6.  Holiday ornaments, commemorating the library’s 25th Anniversary, will be sold.

Approval of FY 2014-2015 Budget and Appropriation Ordinance: Baker motioned, Pilat seconded to approve the FY 2014-2015 Budget and Appropriation Ordinance.  Roll call votes were: Baker-Aye, Cannalte-Aye, Maravilla-Aye, Pilat-Aye, and Schadt-Aye.  All Ayes. No Nays. Motion approved.

IMRF Out-of-State Credit Authorization:  Baker motioned, Pilat seconded to approve an IMRF out-of-state credit authorization for a member of the library staff pending an employer rate review by the director.  Roll call votes were: Baker-Aye, Cannalte-Aye, Maravilla-Aye, Pilat-Aye, and Schadt-Aye.  All Ayes. No Nays. Motion approved.


Executive Session:  No executive session.


Items from Executive Session for Action:  None.


Board Discussion: 

The board agreed to reschedule the next Regular board meeting from September 17 to September 24.

The Illinois Public Library Annual Report and the library’s Annual Treasurer’s Report were signed.

Library surveillance cameras were discussed including goals, objectives, possible locations, and cost.  Trying a small installation project was favored.  Novak will investigate.

Options were reviewed for an outdoor library sign including possible locations, sign types, cost of a new sign, and reusing a sign from storage.  Novak will investigate.

Samples of new library logos were reviewed.  The board provided feedback, which Novak will bring back to the library staff.

A progress report was provided on the circulation insulation project and the gazebo replacement project.

Marilyn Powell exited the meeting at 8:24 p.m.


Adjourn:  Pilat motioned, Cannalte seconded to adjourn the meeting at 8:30 p.m.  All Ayes.  No Nays.  Motion approved.


Respectfully Submitted,

Kathleen M. Pilat, Secretary