Regular Meeting Minutes – February 17, 2016

Board of Trustees

of the

Huntley Area Public Library District

Minutes of the Regular Meeting

February 17, 2016

Call to Order:  A regular meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Huntley Area Public Library District was held in the Program Room at the Huntley Area Public Library District, 11000 Ruth Road, Huntley, IL 60142 on February 17, 2016.  The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by President Pilat.


      Trustees Present:   Beverly Cannalte, William Jorgensen, Virginia Maravilla, David Moore, Kathleen Pilat and Leslie Threadgill-Smith

      Trustees Absent:    Ann Christiansen

Library Staff Present:  Frank Novak, Library Director; Loralei Getty, Business Manager; Pamela Kampwerth, Volunteer/Outreach Coordinator; Rosie Lukas, Head of Public Services, Leigh Ann Porsch, Communications/Development Coordinator

Visitors Present:  Genevieve Hockwarter, Friends Foundation

Public Comments:  There were no public comments.

Threadgill-Smith entered the meeting at 7:06 p.m.

Suspension Hearing–Patron Behavior Policy Violation:  Based on past Board actions for similar violations, the library staff is requesting the library privileges of Marisa Brenner be suspended for a period of one year from use of the library for attempted theft of library materials in violation of the Patron Behavior Policy.  Ms. Brenner will be notified via certified mail of her suspension.  Jorgensen motioned, Moore seconded that the Board approve a one-year suspension.  Roll call votes were:  Cannalte-Aye, Jorgensen-Aye, Maravilla-Aye, Moore-Aye, Pilat-Aye and Threadgill-Smith-Aye.  All Ayes.  No Nays.  Motion carried.

Secretary’s Report:  Maravilla motioned, Cannalte seconded that the Board approve the minutes of the Regular Meeting held on January 20, 2016 as amended.  All Ayes.  No Nays.  Motion carried.

At the last board meeting, the Board asked Novak to prepare minutes as they would be done per Robert’s Rules of Order.  Following Robert’s Rule of Order, the minutes were reduced from a 4 page document to under 1 page.  Threadgill-Smith inquired as to why a second motion was not part of the Robert’s Rules of Order version of the minutes.  Novak indicated, that under Robert’s Rules of Order, a second motion is not required.  The question at the last board meeting was whether the Board wants to modify the minutes to reflect Robert’s Rules of Order to reduce the amount of detail in the minutes.  Robert’s Rules of Order is concerned with the actual actions the Board carries out and not the discussion and detail.  Cannalte likes when the minutes are straight to the bone.  Maravilla feels it is valuable to have the detail and it is nice to have history.  Threadgill-Smith added the history is nice especially if a trustee was not at the meeting and they want to keep abreast of what was communicated.  Threadgill-Smith prefers the current format.  Jorgensen is interested in shortening the packet and saving paper.  He also likes the detail to look back to see who said what and what the thought process was.  Jorgensen could go either way.  Moore likes the current format.  If you miss a meeting, you don’t have any idea what the discussion was.  The Board would like to leave the minutes as they are.

Financial Reports and Checks:  Jorgensen motioned, Moore seconded that the Board approve the Financial Report for FY 15/16 as of January 31, 2016 and the January 2016 disbursements in the total amount of $72,965.27 as presented.  Roll call votes were:  Cannalte-Aye, Jorgensen-Aye, Maravilla-Aye, Moore-Aye, Pilat-Aye and Threadgill-Smith-Aye.  All Ayes.  No Nays.  Motion carried.

Approval of Semi-Annual Treasurer’s Report:  This is a standard report that is produced every year.  This report has updated numbers and includes a revenue summary, expenditure summary, compensation summary, and the overall financial summary.  Jorgensen motioned, Cannalte seconded that the Board approve the Semi-Annual Treasurer’s Report: July 1, 2015-December 31, 2015 as presented.  Roll call votes were:  Cannalte-Aye, Jorgensen-Aye, Maravilla-Aye, Moore-Aye, Pilat-Aye and Threadgill-Smith-Aye.  All Ayes.  No Nays.  Motion carried.

Monthly Income/Expense Report (Discussion):  There was no discussion.

Librarian’s Report:  Presented by Novak.

Personnel:  To date, 80% of the staff have completed the staff engagement survey.  The last day to complete the survey is Wednesday, February 24th.

Facilities/Operations:  Novak distributed “Libraries at the Crossroads” which is a report from the Pew Research Center published on September 15, 2015.  The article looks at what libraries are doing, what people think libraries are doing and how people use libraries.  This 52 page document has been condensed to 8 pages with graphs and key findings.  The article indicated many Americans say they want public libraries to support local education, help local businesses and embrace new technologies.  These same people are not as concerned with providing reference service or checking out books.  The trend is a shift on how libraries are used.  After soliciting an alternate quote for the Directors & Officers Liability Insurance, the library renewed our policy with Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.  Arthur J Gallagher & Co. continues to provide a competitive premium.

Community/Fundraising:  Novak attended the 1st Annual State of Huntley Address and showed the Board a presentation that the Superintendent of Schools showed to the audience.  The audience thought it was the funniest thing ever and that bothered Novak just a little bit.  The video was shown because the Superintendent of Schools was talking about how times have changed and why technology has changed things and why the schools and libraries have changed.  The reason Novak took this video so hard was because the subject depicted the library.  It’s the library’s model.  The library still clings onto the old model of having DVDs on the shelf and people coming into the library and seeing what is on the shelf.  Times have changed dramatically and John Burkey changed the way they are doing business with the HUB because things are changing in the world.  Novak believes a vast majority of the people who were laughing at the meeting are not coming into the library.  They are at home using Netflix and Amazon Prime.  They are streaming and using things we don’t have here at the library and bypassing the library completely.  This is a concern for Novak.  In the future, where does the library want to be?

Circulation/Program Usage:  Maravilla commented on the value of the Circulation Report to her.  The report shows how much is circulated at the library and the library should not rush into throwing a majority of books out.  The library should take a look at what being is circulated.  Novak is not saying to toss all the books but the library does need to look at the allocation of the budget by determining what the priorities will be going forward.  A vast majority of the current budget goes to print.

RAILS Library System Report:  There was no additional report.

Committee Reports:

Policy & Personnel:  There was no report.

Finance:  Due to an absence of a quorum, the February 10th meeting was adjourned.  The working budget for Fiscal Year 16-17 will be ready in May.  A meeting has been scheduled for March 16th at 6 p.m., in conjunction with the Facilities Committee, to discuss the library sign, grant applications with matching funds and financials.

Facilities:  A meeting has been scheduled for March 16th at 6 p.m., in conjunction with the Finance Committee, to discuss the library sign, grant applications with matching funds and financials.

Community Outreach:  There was no report.

Friends’ Liaison:  Presented by Hockwarter.  The Friends received an EFS Grant for $6,500 which helps support summer reading.  This is the third year running where the Friends have raised $50,000 or more.  The Friends recently had their annual strategic planning meeting where they will continue to expand.  The Friends will begin accepting credit card payments at book sales.

New Business:

Village of Hampshire Library Impact Fee Balance:  The Village of Hampshire has notified the library that all development activity in Hampshire is complete.  As a result, the fund will not be growing anymore except for interest payments.  The Village of Hampshire has requested that the library prepare a letter requesting the balance of impact and transition fees.  In order to do this, the library needs to prepare a letter requesting the transfer of the funds with a plan for the expenditure of the funds.  The Village of Hampshire is currently holding $5,943.54 for the library.  Novak provided the following list of items that could be purchased with those funds:  new monitor screen above Circulation, new Local History cabinet, new blinds, or staff furniture replacement.  Threadgill-Smith motioned, Cannalte seconded that the Board accept the Library Impact and Transition Fee balance in the amount of $5,943.54 and allow the director to utilize as he sees fit.  Roll call votes were:  Cannalte-Aye, Jorgensen-Aye, Maravilla-Aye, Moore-Aye, Pilat-Aye and Threadgill-Smith-Aye.  All Ayes.  No Nays.  Motion carried.

Exterior Library Sign:  Pilat inquired if the library has received a variance from the Village of Huntley.  The library has not received the variance because in order to submit a plan the library needs to show the village what the sign would look like, where the sign would be located, set-backs, etc.  This should go to the Facilities Committee before the next board meeting so the committee can come to the March 16, 2016 Regular Board Meeting with a proposal.  Novak needs to know which sign to submit since the Board never all concurred on one sign.  Jorgensen proposed the library consider approaching Bill Ruth to do the landscaping and some stone work around the library sign.  This would be more of a beautification concept and possibly help get the variance passed.  The village could be looking for more beautification not necessarily stone.  The Facilities Committee will meet on March 16th to discuss the library sign.  The committee requested that Novak pull notes from previous meetings on the library sign.

Threadgill-Smith left at 7:55 p.m.  Hockwarter left at 8 p.m.

Old Business:  There was no Old Business.

Executive Session:  There was no Executive Session.

Items from Executive Session for Action:  None

Upcoming Dates:  The next Regular Monthly Board Meeting of the Board of Trustees will be Wednesday, March 16, 2016 at the Huntley Area Public Library District at 7:00 p.m.

Board Discussion:

Strategic Plan Document:  The Strategic Plan was drafted by Novak based on input from the Board at the last retreat. The document was presented to the Department Heads for input and is now being presented to the Board for input.  The document is divided into 3 sections:  introduction, factors to address and general actions to take.  Some of the key factors include space, programming and technology.  Following a discussion about materials and the mission statement, the Board was directed to forward questions/input to Novak for review and consideration and bring the strategic plan back to the March 16, 2016 Regular Board Meeting.  The deadline to submit questions/ suggestions about the strategic plan to Novak is one week prior to the March 16, 2016 Regular Board Meeting.

Grant Applications and Matching Funds:  Novak would like to know from the Board his spending limits in cases where grants have a matching fund component.  The Board agrees if the money is already in the budget then move forward.  If the money is not in the budget, the Board can discuss at a meeting.  The Finance Committee will meet on March 16, 2016 at 6 p.m. to discuss and possibly set a dollar limit.  Novak should bring examples from past grant applications with a matching fund component to the Finance Committee meeting.

Cannalte wanted to provide feedback regarding the Educator Library Card:  A teacher approached Cannalte about coming to the library to obtain the Educator Library Card and she talked about another teacher who had come in.  The experience of obtaining the card was not as positive of an experience as Cannalte would have expected or would have wanted it have been.  Cannalte will find out more detail and become more involved.  One individual came into the library a couple days after the adoption of the policy and Circulation did not know how to do it and she left without a card.  The second individual came in and felt really guilty because the person giving it to her stated the card can only be used for school purposes and not for your own personal purposes.  It was felt that this was communicated in an unfriendly manner where they felt the Circulation staff really didn’t want to give it out.  Pilat asked Cannalte to encourage the second individual to come back to the library.  Novak will make sure the individual gets a card in a friendly manner.

With the recent attempted theft of library materials, Moore inquired about the library’s loss prevention protocols and if the library does an annual inventory where the library knows the number of lost materials in the last year.  Novak indicated the library doesn’t do an annual inventory.  This is something the library could do but an inventory takes a lot of time and it would be a snapshot for that day or that week.  If the library did an inventory, it could be done section by section.  The library knows theft happens.  The security gates were deactivate and removed and now it is all visual surveillance.

Moore inquired about the status of the security cameras.  Novak responded there is a security camera in the Children’s area now.  Three cameras are up and recording:  one in the Children’s area and two at the front entry of the building.  The staff is still working on the storage issue since the cameras consume a massive amount of storage on the servers.  Because of this, the data can only be kept on the servers for a period of one week.  The storage is recycled after 7 days and records over the existing footage.

Adjourn:  Moore motioned, Jorgensen seconded to adjourn the meeting at 8:34 p.m.  All Ayes.  No Nays.  Motion carried.

Respectfully Submitted,

Ann Christiansen, Secretary