Regular Meeting Minutes – November 18, 2020

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Board of Trustees 

of the 

Huntley Area Public Library District 

Minutes of the Regular Meeting 

November 18, 2020 



 Call to Order:  A regular meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Huntley Area Public Library District was held in the Program Room at the Huntley Area Public Library District, 11000 Ruth Road, Huntley, IL 60142 on November 18, 2020.  President Budzynski called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.  


Trustees Present:  Vito Benigno, Chris Budzynski, Sean Cratty, Shannon McKibben, David Novalinski, Marjorie Smith and Leslie Threadgill-Smith 

Trustees Absent:  None 

Library Staff Present:  Frank Novak, Library Director; Loralei Getty, Business Manager; Pamela Kampwerth, Head of Circulation and Outreach Services 

Visitors Present:  There were no visitors. 

Public Comments:  There were no public comments. 

Secretary’s Report:  Novalinski motioned, Smith seconded that the Board approve the minutes of the Regular Meeting held on October 21, 2020 as presented.  All Ayes.  No Nays.  Motion carried. 

Financial Reports and Checks:  McKibben motioned, Benigno seconded that the Board approve the checks and financial report for October 2020 as presentedRoll call votes were:  Benigno-Aye; Budzynski-Aye, Cratty-Aye; McKibben-Aye; Novalinski-Aye; Smith-Aye and Threadgill-Smith-AyeAll Ayes.  No Nays.  Motion carried.  Check #28321 payable to JoAnn Stores, LLC for $1,236 is for the Creativebug renewal subscription. 

Monthly Income/Expense Report (Discussion):  7300-90 Utilities will be increasing as the library begins to heat the construction structure. 

Library Director’s Report:  Presented by Novak.  There are a few changes in the staff areas in the new building.  In the staff office area on the north side of the building, the Public Services office area that was originally designed to hold six staff members will now hold four staff members.  The remaining two staff members will relocate to the Director’s Office.  The Staff Conference Room becomes the Director’s Office.  Technical Services will relocate to the far west end to avoid being placed along the main office walkway.  The library will begin distributing the Very Merry Huntley activity book on December 1st.  The coloring pages were created by a library staff member.  Huntley School District 158 requested 4,000 copies, the Huntley Park District has 300 copies, the Huntley Village Police Department, Huntley Fire Protection District and the Village of Huntley have 100 eachAt the December Regular Board Meeting, Novak will present a bid package for moving services out of the original building to the addition and then out of the addition back to the original building.  The library received a Digital Network Access Grant for $10,000 in support of next generation Wi-Fi services.  This grant will help the library establish exterior Wi-Fi access points.  The library also received a Personal Protection Equipment to Protect Residents and Staff Grant in the amount of $495.  This grant will help the library defray the costs of PPE. 

Committee Reports: 

Policy:  There was no report. 

Finance:  There was no report. 

Facilities:  There was no report. 

Friends’ Liaison:  Presented by KampwerthThe holiday baskets will be on display starting on Friday, November 20.  The Holiday Basket Fundraiser has raised $3,000 to date ($2,500 from donations and $500 from tickets that were purchased and mailed).  The Annual Plea was mailed this week.  The Friends currently have $8,662 in their bank account. 

New Business:  

Levy Ordinance Approval:  McKibben motioned, Novalinski seconded that the Board approve Ordinance No. 2020-3: An Ordinance Providing for the Levying and Assessment of Taxes by the Huntley Area Public Library District, McHenry and Kane Counties, Illinois, for the Fiscal Year Beginning July 1, 2020 and Ending June 30, 2021 as presented. Roll call votes were:  Benigno-Aye; Budzynski-Aye; Cratty-Aye; McKibben-Aye, Novalinski-Aye, Smith-Aye and Threadgill-Smith-Aye.  All Ayes.  No Nays. Motion carried. 

Old Business:  There was no Old Business. 

Upcoming Dates:  The next Regular Monthly Board Meeting of the Board of Trustees will be Wednesday, December 16, 2020 at 5:30 p.m. 

Board Discussion:   

COVID-19:  Novak is asking the board for guidelines regarding library operations and COVID-19.  A few other libraries around Huntley are closing down or going to curbside delivery-only service models.  Novak feels the Huntley Library should remain open but is considering closing down the four computers that are set up for one-hour intervals.  The board feels the library should remain open as long as the public and staff are safe.  The library is following all the CDC guidelines and will continue to follow the recommendation of the State of Illinois regarding public health restrictions related to COVID-19.  Libraries are not included in the Tier 3 coronavirus mitigations as announced by Gov. J.B. Pritzker on Tuesday, November 17.  Per the library’s attorney, each governmental body can determine if they are an essential service and want to remain open. 

Executive SessionThere was no Executive Session. 

 Items from Executive Session for Action:  None. 

 Adjourn:  McKibben motioned, Novalinski seconded to adjourn the meeting at 6:26 p.m.  All Ayes.  No Nays.  Motion carried. 


 Respectfully Submitted, 

Shannon V. McKibben, Secretary 

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