Residents Asked to Participate in Huntley Library Community Survey

The Huntley Area Public Library is working with Northern Illinois University Center for Governmental Studies to perform a community survey beginning September 7, 2017. The survey will provide feedback and direction as the library director and Board of Trustees begin planning for the future of the library district.

“We want to hear from both users and non-users alike,” stated Frank Novak, library director. “It’s important for us to know what residents want and need from their library so we can make that a reality and provide the best service possible.”

The survey will be done primarily by telephone, and caller ID will display as Northern Illinois University. “We are requesting residents who receive a call take a few moments to share their opinions and feedback,” Novak continued. The survey is expected to take less than five minutes.

Questions will focus on residents’ reading habits and other leisure activities, as well as their perceptions of the library.

NIU should complete the survey interviews no later than October 9. Once results are tabulated the Library Board of Trustees will use the information to shape an updated strategic plan.