Wasps at Home by Bianca Lavies


Juvenile Nonfiction/Grades 4-8

Bianca Lavies, a former photographer for National Geographic, produced both the text and photographs for this wonderful introduction to social wasps.  To take the photographs, she spent a couple of summers with some paper wasps that nested in her studio window – building a glass enclosure around their nest and photographing it and the wasps’ activities from all angles.  For readers familiar with the life cycle of honeybees, this will provide a fascinating contrast, as wasp colonies do not overwinter, and have different nutritional needs.  Lavies’ amazing photographs practically crawl off the page.  Budding entomologists will LOVE this.  Although this is an older title (1991), it definitely warrants both reading and accolades.

* * * * Stars

Reviewed by Karin Thogersen, Young Adult Librarian.

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