Zombie Haiku 2011

We asked teens to submit their original zombie haiku as a Books R Brain Candy Summer Reading Club activity.

Check out the submissions we received below:

Zombie Haiku
by Tori F.

I run fast – screaming
Wishing they would stop chasing me
Let me live in peace
Zombie Haiku
by Anonymous

They are slow, creepy,
Creatures who wake up at night.
They really scare you.
Zombie Haiku
by Anonymous

Zombies munching brains
even though they are not smarter
than they were before.
by Sara H.

Zombies can eat you.
Zombies are mysterious.
Zombies eat your brain.
by Palak P.

Rise up from the grave,
On Halloween scare the small
children far away.
Zombie Haiku
by Vickie W.

Blood, guts, gore, brains Yum!
That’s what every zombie eats.
We dress using them.
Zombies Haiku Poem
by Serdanna D.

Zombies are so cool.
Zombies are so scarier.
Zombies scare people.
Zombie Haiku
by Jacqueline P.

A zombie birthday
They have delicious desserts
Juicy kids to eat
Zombie Haiku
by Kate M.

Walking so slowly
Rising from the grave undead
They must be hungry
Zombie Haikus
by Victoria F.

1. Flesh and blood waiting
yummy delights for us all
must wait till sundown
2. Back from death and dark
to feel my hunger gnawing
I need human blood
3. I scream in terror
They come for me in the night
there is no respite
4. The driving need kills
Not only me but humans
I cannot stop this
5. The grave comforts me
It is where I belong now
Please send me back there
6. I run through the streets
Screaming till my voice is hoarse
Somebody save me
Zombie Haikus
by Anonymous

Zombies walk around,
leaving corpses on the ground,
never satisfied
they awaken with hunger,
craving for humans
I’m loving zombies.
My boyfriend is a zombie.
I’m never afraid
Zombie cantaloupe,
So disgusting and moldy.
It will never die.
I wake up hungry.
It takes me hours to move.
I am a zombie.
Zombie Haiku
by Kate M.

Walking so slowly
Rising from the grave undead
They must be hungry
Zombies Haiku
by Elizabeth M.

Zombies are creepy.
When they walk, they limp a lot.
They make strange noises.
Zombie Haiku #2
by Elizabeth M.

Walking dead people.
Zombies come out at midnight.
They are in movies.
Zombies Tastes
by Anonymous

Brains, Candy Yum
Tasty, Tasty Good for me
Chomp Chomp. It’s all gone…
by Anonymous

Brains, Brains, Yum
Yummy, tasty, good for me.
That was a good meal
Zombie Haiku
by Nick M.

They can hunt you down
They also love drinking blood
But I still love them
Watch out, here they come
They are going to eat up
Hurry and go hide
I love green zombies
There are some that are ugly
But they are still cool
Zombie Haikus
by Rachelle Jacobs

Darkness engulfs land
They know it is time to feast
The living dead wake
I saw them grab her
Saw them disembody her
I know I am next

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