Checkout Periods & Policies

Loan Periods for Materials

2 weeks

  • Alcatel Hotspots
  • Television Series on DVD & Blu-Ray Discs

3 weeks

  • Books (Except for Hot Picks)
  • Playaway
  • Magazines
  • Music CDs
  • Audiobooks

7 Days

  • Hot Picks
  • Roku Devices
  • DVDs & Blu-Ray Discs (Except for New, 3 renewals if no holds)
  • Wii, WiiU, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox One X, PS3, PS4, PS5 Games (limit 3)
  • Kill A Watt Electricity Usage Monitor

3 days

  • New DVDs & New Blu-Ray Discs

Loan renewals

If you are not finished with an item by its due date, you may renew that item as long as it not a “Hot Pick”, a “New” feature film, or a video game, and it has not been requested by someone else. Playaways, DVDs (not new), and devices (Kill A Watt) and Roku 1 Devices may be renewed once if there are no holds on the item. Other materials (books, magazines, music, CDs, audiobooks) may be renewed up to three times if there are no holds on the item. Renewals may be made in person at the circulation desk, over the phone by calling 847.590.8706, or online through the Library Catalog’s My Account option. You should have your library card in hand as well as the items that you wish to renew.

Getting a new library card

It takes just a few minutes to get a library card.

Residents of the library district need to present a current photo ID and proof of residency if the photo ID does not have a current address. Accepted photo ID includes a current Illinois Driver’s License or State ID, school ID, or passport. Accepted proof of residency includes a current utility or phone bill, bank or credit card statement, pay stub, lease, mortgage closing papers, tax bill with the patron’s name on it, or official mail from a local, state, or federal agency.

A parent’s signature is required for members under the age of 18.

Resident cards are valid for three years and are accepted at all surrounding public libraries.

We Are a Fine Free Library!

Library users no longer pay fines for returning materials after their due date! You will see a due date on your receipt when you borrow items, and that’s because yes, we do want them back. Everyone still needs to return items and keep them in good condition for the next borrower.

Please note these important Check-Out Policies:

  • You will get reminder notices when an item is due for return
  • If something is more than 2 weeks overdue, you will be unable to check out or use digital services until the item is returned
  • If an item is more than 45 days past due, your library card account will be billed the replacement cost for your item. At this time a nonrefundable $9 fee may be assessed. You may either return the item or pay the bill to replace it
  • You will be charged for lost or damaged items
  • If you locate a lost item within 30 days after paying to replace it, you may receive a refund

These steps ensure that everyone still returns their items in a timely manner and other people will have access to them.

What’s My Password?

If you have never logged into the library catalog to change your password, and you received your library card before April 18, 2018, your password is the word “PATRON” in all CAPS.  If you received you library card after April 18, 2018, your password is the last 4 digits of your phone number.

For your own confidentiality, please login and change your password.

How do I change my password?

If you know your existing password:

  1. Visit the library’s online catalog.
  2. Click on log in (upper right side of the page) with your library card barcode number (all 14 digits, no spaces) and your current password.
  3. Once logged in, click on My Account from the menu and select My Record.
  4. Select and expand the Change Logon section of the page by clicking the grey arrow.
  5. Check the Change Password box.
  6. Type in your current password, then your new password, and confirm your new password.
  7. Click on the SAVE button to confirm password changes.

Forgot your password?

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