What is a Playaway?

playaway-personPlayaway is the simplest way to listen to an audiobook on the go. With the audio already contained within, and a battery to make it play, there’s nothing left to do but plug in earphones and enjoy.

As the first self-playing audiobook, Playaway brings pages to life at the push of a button. Audio content and simple digital technology are now merged into an easy-to-use, self-contained player. And weighing only two ounces, Playaway is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and goes anywhere you do!

The Playaway collection includes fiction and nonfiction titles for adults, children, and young adults and is located in the audiobooks section. Search the term “playaway” in our catalog to see what titles we own.

Battery and headphones are not supplied.

To learn more about Playaway, ask a librarian for a brochure and be sure to try the “How to Use Playaway” flash tutorial below.

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