Library2Go Service Policy for Huntley Area Public Library Patrons


The Huntley Area Public Library extends its free Library2Go service to residents in the library district who are unable to reach the library as a result of a disabling condition or lack of transportation.  Library2Go patrons request specific materials and/or request that items be selected for them from a list of their preferences.  Materials are then delivered to the patron’s home.  This policy will define those services provided to patrons who qualify for this service.


A Library2Go application must be completed in order to qualify for home delivery of materials.  The application must be signed by a library representative, indicate the disabling condition or other reason for needing the service and provide an emergency contact for the user of the service.

Library2Go service users are entitled to the following terms and conditions:

  1. All items checked out through the Library2Go service have a checkout period of 3 weeks and do not accrue overdue charges.  Materials checked out to Library2Go patrons are otherwise subject to standard circulation policies and procedures.
  2. Patrons are responsible for the cost of lost and damaged items they have borrowed.
  3. Service deliveries are scheduled for a time when both the patron and library representative are available.  The frequency and availability of deliveries may vary based on patron need and library resources.
  4. Library representatives are authorized to access Library2Go patron library records to manage circulation activity. A record of all material checked out by the patron will be maintained to assist library representatives in the selection and delivery of materials.  This record will be disposed of after service to the Library2Go patron has ended.
  5. Patrons may have materials selected for them after communicating that request to a library representative. 
  6. Patrons will notify the library when Library2Go service is no longer needed.
  7. The library may determine and notify an individual that he or she is no longer eligible for Library2Go services.
  8. As resources warrant, the library may impose additional or alter existing limits and conditions on the Library2Go service for all users.


Adopted:  January 16, 2008
Revised:  May 19, 2010
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