Find a book in your Lexile range by using the following lists:


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Note to Teens and Parents:   Reading levels/Lexile ranges do not measure a book’s content or appeal – they can’t guarantee you will like a particular book, or that it will be appropriate for you. Each list is a starting place, and you can easily limit your choices – once you click on a list – by selecting various options (fiction, nonfiction, subject, genre, etc.) on the left side of the screen.  For example, you can choose to look only at fiction books, or nonfiction, or mysteries.  You can also limit your search further by choosing “teen” for your interest level.  The term “teen” covers a range of ages, abilities, and maturities (our collection for teens, for example, spans grades 6 through 12). These lists may include some adult titles that libraries have added to their teen collections because they have teen appeal.  If you need assistance, please ask a librarian for help.

An independent agency is responsible for scanning books and assigning Lexiles.  Not all books have been scanned, and, as a result, not all books have Lexiles.  If there is a particular book that you want to read and you want to know its Lexile, you can check to see if it has one on lexile.com.  If your book does not have a Lexile, you can sometimes “guesstimate” what it *might* be by checking to see if any of the author’s other books have a Lexile.  If you need to read a book in your Lexile range for an assignment, please check with your teacher before committing to a title that doesn’t have a Lexile. If you want to read it anyway – GREAT!  But your teacher may require that you pick a different book for the assignment.  Consider reading books outside of your Lexile range FOR FUN!  Reading is all about fun. (We think so, anyway.)