Ash and Quill – book review

Ash and Quill
Great Library #3
by Rachel Caine
* * * * Stars (Great!)

#3 in the Great Library series – Jess and his friends narrowly avoid capture by the Library’s High Garda, but land themselves in the hands of a whole city (Philadelphia) of book burners. When their attempts to convince the Burners to aid them fail, they come up with another escape plan, but at a terrible cost of life. The forbidden knowledge they possess makes them all targets and pieces in a grand game of chess, and there are few people they can trust with their mission. Ultimately, they want to remake the Library and disseminate its texts to all. But this will involve the removal of the Library’s upper eschelon, who are deeply committed to preserving the Library as it is. An exciting and bloody installment in this series. Ends on a terrible, but faintly hopeful note.

Reviewed by YA Librarian

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