Rowley Jefferson’s Awesome Friendly Adventure – book review

Rowley Jefferson’s Awesome Friendly Adventure by Jeff Kinney Adventure Fantasy Funny Realistic Fiction * * * * Stars (Great!) Rowley Jefferson writes his first wholesome fantasy adventure! And then makes the mistake (?) of sharing the first few chapters with his best friend Greg Heffley, who becomes his greatest fan and his greatest critic. Incorporating some of Greg’s suggestions and his own creativity, Rowley crafts a hilarious story that’s a mishmash of popular genres, well-worn … Read more

Wonder Woman: Tempest Tossed – book review

Wonder Woman: Tempest Tossed by Laurie Halse Anderson illustrated by Leila Del Duca Comics Fantasy Graphic Novel * * * * Stars (Great!) War in the human world weakens the magical protections that surround the hidden Amazonian island of Themyscira. On Diana’s 16th birthday (Born Day), humans wash up on the shores of Themyscira and in defiance of her mother the Queen’s orders, Diana attempts to help them. She becomes trapped on the other side … Read more

Heroine – book review

Heroine by Mindy McGinnis Realistic Fiction * * * * * Stars (Amazing) Mickey Catalan is a star softball player (catcher) and she and her best friend Carolina (pitcher) are an unbeatable team. Until the car accident. Carolina’s pitching arm gets injured, and Mickey’s hip is practically torn out of her body. Both are looking at weeks if not months of recovery time and spring training starts soon. Determined to be ready for the season … Read more

New David Espinoza – book review

The New David Espinoza by Fred Aceves Realistic Fiction * * * Stars (Pretty good) David Espinoza is tall and, according to him, freakishly skinny. When a video of him getting slapped while standing shirtless in the guys’ locker room goes viral, David is mortified. The best revenge, he figures, is to never be that skinny, vulnerable guy again. After some research into the training and diet regimens of some internet-famous body builders, David comes … Read more

Raising Lumie – book review

Raising Lumie by Joan Bauer Realistic Fiction Tween * * * * Stars (Great) After 13-year-old Olive Hudson’s wonderful plumber father passes away from cancer she’s taken in by her older half-sister Maudie, who moves them both into a shared house in New Jersey, where she’s starting a new job as a graphic designer. Maudie’s boss is also involved with an organization that raises and trains puppies to be guide dogs for the blind, and … Read more

I’ll Be the One – book review

I’ll Be the One by Lyla Lee Funny LGBTQIA Romance * * * * Stars (Great!) Skye Shin is auditioning to be on a reality show where she’ll compete as a singer/dancer along with other contestants to showcase her skills and love for K-pop. The winners of the competition will get to continue their training/careers in South Korea. Skye has no doubts about her talent, but her mom is always making digs about her weight … Read more

Patron Saints of Nothing – book review

Patron Saints of Nothing by Randy Ribay Mystery Realistic Fiction * * * * Stars (Great!) Filipino teenager Jay Reguero is all set to follow the path he’s supposed to – graduating from high school, going to college, finding a job, etc. Instead, he gets some really terrible news. His cousin, Jun, is dead. When Jay tries to learn more from his parents, they deflect, and Jay decides he will go all the way to … Read more

Wonder Woman: Warbinger (graphic novel) – book review

Wonder Woman: Warbringer adapted from the novel by Leigh Bardugo by Louise Simonson Illustrated by Kit Seaton Adventure Graphic Novel Supernatural Thriller * * * * Stars (Great!) In this graphic novel adaptation of Leigh Bardugo’s novel, Wonder Woman is a young Princess Diana, determined to prove herself to the rest of the Amazons. Diana enters a race, intending to win, but midway through she discovers a shipwreck and chooses to aid the sole survivor, … Read more

Brave – book review

The Brave by James Bird Realistic Fiction * * * * Stars (Great!) Collin Couch was kicked out of his most recent school – for fighting. He’s unique in that he is compelled to count every letter in every word that anyone says to him, and then blurt out the number before he can respond/concentrate on anything else. This has led to all sorts of bullying because people think he’s a freak and learn that … Read more

Radiant Road – book review

The Radiant Road by Katherine Catmull Fantasy * * * Stars (Pretty good) Clare and her father return to her mother’s ancestral home in Ireland after many years away and Clare becomes reacquainted with the Strange (what she calls the fae/faeries and their magic/makings) and her childhood friend, Finn, who is half-faerie. She learns that she is the protector of one of the faerie gates – an ancient yew tree growing right through the middle … Read more