Butter – Read It and Rate It

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by Erin Jade Lange
Realistic Fiction

Review #1
* * * * Stars (Great!)
The book Butter is about an obese teenager named Marshall, or better known as Butter. He was given his nickname when he was at a salad bar, because this guy working there named Jeremy (who was like a typical jock-bully guy) got angry at him and forced him to eat a whole, raw stick of butter. At school Butter is an outcast with really no friends, so he decides that because of everyone bullying an because of how many friends he doesn’t have, he wants to gain popularity while ending his life. So he sets up a website so that people can watch him overdose on food and eat himself to death. While doing this online he also goes by the name “SaxMan,” who is posing as an attractive jock from private school so that he can talk to his crush in real life, Anna. After he created the website, he got a bunch of “supporters,” who wanted him to add stuff to the list of food he will binge. So he continues to add things such as alcohol, high sugar stuff, and strawberries in order to kill himself. He plans to do it on New Year’s Eve, right after he confronts Anna face to face. This book illustrates Butter’s struggles to get through life being 423 pounds and having no friends. As the cover says, “popularity has an expiration date.” 

Review #2
* * * * Stars (Great!)
Butter is a book about an overweight teenager who gets sick of his life and plans to eat himself to death while streaming it live on the internet for viewers to watch. However, as he begins to gain popularity and attention from the cool crowed, he begins to regret his decision. Now Butter has to decide if he will risk losing popularity if he doesn’t go through with it or if he will heat himself to death and die a “hero.” Overall I liked this book because of the tone of the author. She does a nice job developing a character and making Butter’s wit come out. Most of the dialogue is actually pretty funny and witty, which is the main reason I enjoyed reading it.