Captive Kingdom – Read It and Rate It

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The Captive Kingdom
Ascendance series, book #4
by Jennifer A. Nielsen

Review #1
* * * * Stars (Great!)
This book takes place before the epilogue of the third book. Jaron, Imogen, Tobias, Roden, and Amarinda are all sailing on an Avenian Pirate ship, loaded with weapons Carthya despearately needs. Before they reach safety, they are overtaken by a ship commanded by a ruthless captain. The captain is taking them to a land they didn’t know existed. And that land holds many, many secrets that could change Jaron’s life forever. Jaron must fight against the pirates, and make a huge decision. This book was a little confusing with the timeline, which seems to be jumping around the third and fourth books a little. However, it still retains the same sense of adventure and exciting (and rather startling) plot twists. For middle and high school teens + adults.