Eye of Zoltar – book review

The Eye of Zoltar
Last Dragonslayer #3
by Jasper Fforde
* * * * Stars (Great!)

In order to safeguard her dragon friends from the Mighty Shandar, Jennifer Strange must undertake an information-seeking expedition (not a quest!) into the perilous Cambrian Empire to uncover the last resting place of the Eye of Zoltar – a powerful pink jewel that may or may not exist.  She and her companions encounter most of the dangers the Cambrian Empire offers up to its many thrill-seeking tourists (Tralfamosaurs, Leviathans, snork badgers, flesh-eating slugs, etc.), and in the process lose most of their party – either temporarily or permanently before finding what they seek.  Their efforts, however, appear to be for naught, for upon their return they find the Kingdom of Snodd under attack by Shandar and an army of Trolls.

Time spent with Jennifer (who is wise and capable beyond her years) is always interesting, and one of her companions in this installment is none other than the Crown Princess of Snodd (Shazza Blossom Hadridd Snodd) whose evolution from snooty royal to savvy fiduciary genius is quite welcome (also, I’ve never had futures trading explained so well and so thoroughly in *any* literature before now).  Jasper Fforde continues to combine wit and whimsy in winning ways, leaving his fans salivating for the next chapter.

Reviewed by YA Librarian


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