Creative Studio Appointments

Unlock your creative side inside the library’s Creative Studio!

Gain access to a variety of tools working along side an expert to help you with many of your projects or explore all-new opportunities. Make an appointment online, call or email to set one up today!

What can you do in the studio?

Laminate your items as small as 3 x 5 inches to as large as 24 inches wide.

Photo Light Box
Snap clean, crisp photos with a consise light source and without cluttered backgrounds.

Tracing Table
Duplicate and trace art using this table top sized light box.

Electronic Cutting Tools
Use the library’s variety of silhouette machines to make cutouts using paper, vinyl, or foam to bring your art to a new level.

Knitting & Crochet Kits
Begin a new project or use our kits to finish one you’ve started.

Fabric Cutters
Use the library’s mats, rulers, and rotary cutters to cut the fabric for your next project.

3D Printing
Learn about the library’s filament and resin printers and submit your print orders. We can handle small jobs and larger ones too. Call with your questions. Fees may apply.

Equipment you will have access to during your appointment:

    • Laminator for sizes: 8.5″x 11″, 5″x7″, and 3″x5″
    • Serger
    • Knitting Needle Set
    • Crochet Needle Set
    • Silhouette, electronic cutting tool
    • Fabric rotary cutters, mats, and rulers
    • Photo light box
    • Light box tracing table (table top sized)
    • Submit 3D print orders (fees may apply)

Make your Creative Studio appointment by contacting Alex by phone at 847.669.5386 ext. 268 or via email at


Digital Conversion

What can you convert?

VHS & VHS-C Cassettes
Convert your VHS tapes and VHS-C video cassettes into digital format.

Vinyl Records
Everyone knows vinyl sounds the best. Bring your favorite to convert and boost your digital playlists.

Cassette Tapes
Have a favorite mix tape? Something no longer in print? Convert it to digital format and enjoy it without having to dig out a player.

Scan your photos in bulk in mere minutes. Our equipment will allow you to take a stack of photos and convert them to digital images quickly.

Negatives & Slides
Can’t find a specific photo you know you have, but have the original negative or slide? Bring it in and instantly have a digital image to use or share.

Equipment you will have access to during your appointment:

    • Ion Turntable to convert Vinyl Records to Digital
    • Reshow Cassette conversion to Digital
    • VHS, VHS-C or camcorder conversion to Digital
    • Kodak Scanza (Slide or Negative to Digital)
    • Epson Multi-Photo Scanner

Make your Digital Conversion appointment by contacting Matthew by phone at 847.669.5386 ext. 269 or via email at

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