Falconer – book review

The Falconer
by Elizabeth May
* * * * Stars (Great!)

Lady Aileana Kameron witnessed first-hand the murder of her mother by the Baobhan Sith (a powerful fae).  It transformed her from a respectable young lady who cared only for the finer things in life, to a vengeful fae-hunter.  Taken under the wing of another faery, Kiaran Mackay – also keen on killing his own kind – Aileana learns about her prey, hones her skills, and builds devastating new weapons.  All of this, she discovers, is only the barest preparation for the challenge that awaits her.  The magical device that has sealed all of the sìthichean (the dangerous fae) away is failing, and if Aileana can’t repair it, it will be her and Kiaran against ALL of the fae – a certain massacre, despite her training.  She is the last Falconer, and she is all that stands between all of humanity and death.

Aileana is a likable heroine with lots of spunk.  She’s a bit hard – understandably so – after the death of her mother, but she’s handy – mechanically inclined and dangerous with the weapons she fashions in her spare time.  This has a steampunk flavor (Aileana’s responsibilities as a young lady are set against some clever mechanized devices), and a touch of romance, but neither are overwhelming.  An exhilarating, suspenseful ride awaits those who choose to accompany Aileana on her adventures.

Reviewed by YA Librarian

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