Forever in Blue – Read It and Rate It

Forever in Blue: The Fourth Summer of the Sisterhood
Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants #4
by Ann Brashares
Realistic Fiction

Review #1
* * * * * Stars (Amazing!)
Forever in Blue is about 4 young women named Lena, Carmen, Tibby, and Bridget. The pants keep them together as Lena goes to art school at RISD. Also, Carmen finds herself at a theater to help a friend. Tibby finds herself working on scropts for the theater. Bridget finds herself on a dig in Turkey. The pants keep them together through a difficult summer. The main characters are Tibby, Bridget, Lena, and Carmen. Other characters are Julia, Brian, Effie, Leo, Kostos. I liked this book because I liked all 3 others of Ann Brashares’ books.

Review #2
* * * * Stars (Great!)
This was the fourth book written by Ann Brashares about the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. It follows four teenage best friends during the summer where they’re all separated and doing their own things. I’ve always really liked these books. They’re nice because you feel like you can really relate to the girls and what they’re going through.

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