How (Not) to Ask a Boy to Prom – book review

How (Not) to Ask a Boy to Prom
by S.J. Goslee
Realistic Fiction
* * * * Stars (Great!)

Nolan Grant’s family loves him like crazy, but his slightly older sister takes her sisterly responsibilities a little too seriously and intensely sometimes. She wants to make sure Nolan is adequately prepared for life – particularly life after she goes away to college and can’t be there for him constantly. Her goals (for Nolan) are to find him a boyfriend (a date to prom), expand his friendship circle (his best friend Evie is not enough), get him to do some service work (Art Buddies after school), and help him study for his SATs (he’s pretty hopeless with math). The prom-posal she sets up does NOT go as planned and instead of Si O’Mara (Nolan’s intended choice), he ends up asking Ira Bernstein (“Bern”). By accident. Sort of. It’s kind of perfect, though, because Bern wants someone to make his ex-girlfriend, Gia, jealous. So, now they’re fake-dating and everything is a hot mess, because maybe Nolan actually likes Bern for reals.

This is a confusing, hilarious, out of control romp through high school with a bunch of quirky, angsty teenagers (and some with just WAY too much enthusiasm). Figuring out what’s going on (in Nolan’s family and with his love life) is half the fun! Sweet and funny – this one will steamroll its way into the cockles of your heart.

Reviewed by YA Librarian

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