National Library Week 2017 Profile – Genevieve Hochwarter

Friends Foundation President Genevieve Hochwarter (r) receives an award from the library.

Genevieve was born in Evanston, IL and moved around the Chicagoland area before settling in Algonquin, IL with her family. Her father worked for the Suburban Audio Visual Service which supplied Chicago Area Libraries with Audio Books, films, records, and other materials. She cannot remember not using a library in her lifetime.

Hochwarter speaks fondly of her experiences, “Libraries have always given me a sense of calm no matter how hectic my life is.  They are welcoming and non-judgmental.  There is something to learn and inspire in every corner.  They make me a better person allowing me to volunteer, learn, and feel welcome”.

Her favorite book is Pride and Prejudice.  She makes it a point to read it or listen to it almost every year and takes away something new each time. The Jane Austen novel about Elizabeth Bennet, focuses on her distinguishing the difference between the superficial and the essential in her life. Interestingly, these lessons have no doubt had their effect on Genevieve as well. She has always given back to libraries and sees how important they are to communities. She is a long-standing member of the HAPLD Friends Foundation, joining when they were just known as the Friends of the Library. In 2010, her work with the Friends continued, and when the group became an official foundation, she was voted by her peers to be the organization’s first President.

When the Friends Foundation hosts an event or a fundraiser, Genevieve is usually front and center. Her children are usually alongside her, lending a helping hand. She sees the Library as a place that she can give back to the community, through volunteerism. Genevieve is one of over 200 volunteers that are members of the Friends Foundation. Her hard work and dedication to the Huntley Area Public Library has most definitely helped transform the Friends Foundation as they fulfill their mission of supporting library services.

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