Not Sew Wicked Stepmom – book review

Not Sew Wicked Stepmom
by Mo9Rang (original story by Iru)
* * * Stars (Pretty good)

Baekhap Lee used to design children’s clothing in her previous life. When she dies, she is reincarnated/transported into the body of Snow White’s evil stepmother (Abigail Freidkin). She finds herself trapped in a loveless marriage – something the body’s previous spirit cared about – to King Sabrian Freidkin – but Baekhap only cares about her stepdaughter, Blanche, whom she finds so completely adorable she just wants to shower her in gifts (and design cute clothes for her to wear). Her whole demeanor completely changes and suddenly she’s nice to all the servants, dotes on Blanche, and wants separate quarters from her husband. No one quite knows what to make of it. Sabrian, in particular, doesn’t trust the change, and suspects she is Up to No Good. Is she? It is rather suspicious that the queen appeared to die and then came back from that experience a New Woman. The whole story is kind of silly and dramatic, but funny nonetheless. Review is for the first volume in the series. For high school teens.

Reviewed by YA Librarian

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