Sister of the Bollywood Bride – Read It and Rate It

Sister of the Bollywood Bride
by Nandini Bajpai
Realistic Fiction

Review #1
* * * * * Stars (Amazing!)
The book “Sister of the Bollywood Bride” follows the protagonist, Mini Kapoor (short for Padmini), whose older sister Vinnie Kapoor is getting married over the summer. Vinnie is known as the over-achiever Indian daughter who is currently in the second year of her medical residency. She met her future husband there and he is named Manish. Manish is Tamil and Vinnie is Punjabi. This causes a slight conflict in the book. Mini and Vinnie’s mother passed away due to cancer seven years ago, and it has deeply affected Mini’s POV on life. Mini and Vinnie’s dad refuses to plan and pay for the wedding due to Mini going to college the next year. This leaves Mini to plan Vinnie’s wedding single-handedly. Mini is overwhelmed with everythin as she has to find a venu, DJ, dress for Vinnie, etc. Will Mini handle all of the different tasks she has to do so Vinnie’s wedding is successful? Will Mini be able to handle the drama of the famous and interesting Vir Mirchandani?

I enjoyed reading this book because it had a great range of diverse characters and perspectives. It was refreshing to see a story that didn’t just focus on one type of person, but included representation from different backgrounds and cultures. The author did a fantastic job weaving these perspectives together to creat a cohesive and engaging narrative. The book was extremely intriguing as the author, Nandini Bajpai, did an excellent job following Mini’s life. One downside to this book is the fact that there isn’t a lot of plot development (a little choppy) or character development – for instance Mini’s dad. For middle and high school teens.

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