Sun Is Also a Star – book review

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The Sun Is Also a Star
by Nicola Yoon
Realistic Fiction
* * * * Stars (Great!)

Natasha, an undocumented immigrant from Jamaica (now living in New York), is about to be deported thanks to her father who, after getting pulled over, announced to the police that he wasn’t even a citizen. This is her last day in the United States and her last opportunity to find a way to stay. While she’s fighting for that chance, she meets Daniel, a poetic, possibly pre-med, prospective Yale student, all-round nice, Korean-American guy, who saves her life when she’s almost run down by an inattentive driver. Natasha doesn’t believe in true love or even love at all, but Daniel tries to convince her otherwise when he suddenly finds himself head over heels for her.

This intense coming together seems highly improbable, but readers will fall in love with Natasha and Daniel and will want all the happy endings for them. Fans of John Green, Rachel Cohn, and Rainbow Rowell should appreciate this unexpected, but delightful romance.


There’s a Japanese phrase that I like: koi no yokan. It doesn’t mean love at first sight. It’s closer to love at second sight. It’s the feeling when you meet someone that you’re going to fall in love with them. Maybe you don’t love them right away, but it’s inevitable that you will.

I’m pretty sure that’s what I’m experiencing right now. The only slight (possibly insurmountable) problem is that I’m pretty sure Natasha is not. (p. 74)

Reviewed by Young Adult Librarian