Book That Eats People – book review

The Book That Eats People
by John Perry
illustrated by Mark Fearing
Picture book
* * * * * Stars (Amazing!)

This book EATS people. So, if you should find it, be careful. If it makes any funny noises, you’ll want to stop reading immediately, pile stuff on top of it, and probably run for your life – just to be safe. This is the story of the book and the people it’s eaten (a tragicomedy). Originally entitled, “What Happened to Sam Ruskin?” the book has now been labeled, “The Book That Eats People,” so you’ll know how to recognize it. Every effort has been made to rehabilitate it, but the book has acquired a taste for people, and it won’t give them up. Darkly humorous and delightfully scary – interactive reading has never been so dangerous! Excerpt: If you hear pages rustling, it’s probably because the book smells something yummy. But if you hear a sound like an octopus in a tub of yogurt, that is the book’s empty stomach and the book is RAVENOUS. If you hear THAT, find someone nearby – FAST – who might taste delicious to a book.

Reviewed by YA Librarian

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