Princess and the Pig – book review

The Princess and the Pig
by Jonathan Emmett
Illustrated by Poly Bernatene
Picture book
* * * * Stars (Great!)

This is one of those books where two infants are switched at birth (or close enough) and raised by unsuspecting families until they come of age and all is revealed! Because of all of the stories they’ve read (where that sort of thing happens all the time) it’s not surprising to the King and Queen when their baby daughter, Priscilla, turns into a pig (it must be the work of some bad fairy!). And because of all the stories they’ve read, it’s not surprising to the farmer and his wife when their piglet, Pigmella, turns into the little girl they’ve always wanted. Piglet and girl both grow up, girl being rather more successful at being a farmer’s daughter than pig at being a princess. But, when the farmer’s wife learns what really happened, she insists that they tell the King and Queen. Will Pigmella have to leave the only home and family she has ever known and live among snooty strangers? Will Priscilla finally be given leave to wallow in the mud? As it turns out, no. The King and Queen are familiar with the stories where this sort of thing happens all the time, and they’re not about to let some upstart peasant girl marry a prince. But imagine what they have to go through to talk the prince into marrying their princess. This picture book is a real hoot. Priscilla the pig’s gowns, headdress, and expressions are priceless. Kids who are familiar with fairytales and “those sorts of stories” will recognize the similarities and giggle along. Highly entertaining and recommended.

Reviewed by YA Librarian

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