Their Vicious Games – book review

Their Vicious Games
by Joelle Wellington
* * * Stars (Pretty good)

Adina Walker had her whole future revoked when she got in a fight with her former best friend. The scandal got out and her acceptances to Yale and all her other college options were recinded. Now, the only option left to her is to somehow get herself into “The Finish,” a competition sponsored by the founders (the Remingtons) of her very fancy prep school. She’ll be competing against other elite young ladies in a series of challenges to determine a winner who will receive whatever she most desires. If it sounds too good to be true, it really is. Not only does Adina end up in competition with the same girl who got her blacklisted (her nemesis!), but she discovers that the other girls will do anything to win, up to and including murder. Not what she thought she was signing up for. It’s far too late to withdraw, so Adina will have to survive and fight her way out of “The Finish” – hopefully keeping her sanity and integrity intact along the way. This was a suspenseful, fast-paced, psychological thriller. It’s pretty horrifying to watch the girls’ make choices that gradually strip their humanity away. The violence is on par with the Hunger Games, with a few spicy scenes between the main character and the Remington boys. Gripping! For older, high school teens.

Reviewed by YA Librarian

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