Zoe Gets Ready By Bethanie Deeney Murguia

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It’s Saturday and it’s Zoe’s day to pick out what she wants to wear (instead of having to wear what other people choose for her).  But she’s having trouble deciding.  What kind of day is it going to be, and how does she want to spend it?  One must, after all, be prepared for anything (and everything).  After her mother calls her for the last time, Zoe knows exactly what to do.  Dressed in pretty much everything, she exits her room, ready for the day’s adventures.   I am a sucker for a glittery cover and cute illustrations and this book has both.  Zoe’s problem will be familiar to lots of little kids – there’s the excitement of being able to pick out your own clothes to wear, but then the choices can be overwhelming!  Just like Zoe, they’re proud when they’ve picked the perfect outfit.  This will probably appeal mostly to little girls who are developing their own personal fashion sense.

* * * Stars (Pretty good) Reviewed by Karin Thogersen, YA Librarian

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