Afterschool Charisma – Read It and Rate It

Afterschool Charisma
Manga series #1
by Kumiko Suekane
Science Fiction

Review #1
* * * * * Stars (Amazing!)
“Afterschool Charisma” volume 1 is an introduction to the story of Shiro Kamiya, a supposed non-clone in a school full of famous people’s clones. Being the only human is hard for Shiro when on top of being different his father is one of the professors at the school. In this volume, Shiro helps his crush Marie Curie get transferred to another school to follow her dream of music. After Marie leaves, clone Mozart insults Marie and Shiro. Shiro trains and challenges Mozart to a fencing duel and loses terribly. In grief, Shiro gives in to the belief of the “Almighty Dolly” because of clone Hitler and Einstein. With confrontations throughout the whole book, it leaves you in suspense for each event! 

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