Lion of Mars – book review

The Lion of Mars Science Fiction Survival Tween * * * * * Stars (Amazing!) Bell lives in a small compound on Mars along with a group of other Americans – scientists, researchers, etc. – who all contribute to their community to keep things running, growing, working. He and some of the older kids are curious about the other settlements on Mars (France, Germany, etc.), but their interest is firmly rebuffed by their Commander who … Read more

Fever – book review

Fever The Chemical Garden Trilogy #2 by Lauren DeStefano Dystopian Science Fiction Suspense Thriller Teen * * * Stars (Pretty good) Rhine and Gabriel made their triumphant escape in the previous book, but they didn’t bother to plan much further than that. Now, if they want to find Rhine’s twin brother, Rowan, they’ll have to make their way to New York somehow, and there are plenty of dangers in between. When they do finally reach … Read more

Girl with All the Gifts – book review

The Girl with All the Gifts by M.R. Carey Science Fiction Suspense Thriller Older teen/adult * * * * Stars (Great!) Melanie attends classes with a number of other little kids, but she’s special. They all are in some respects, but Melanie’s intelligence, determination, and self-control set her apart. As the story unfolds, told from different characters’ perspectives, readers discover that the children are different in other ways, too, ways that require them to be … Read more

Once & Future – book review

Once & Future Once & Future #1 by A.R. Capetta Arthurian Legend readalike Fantasy LGBTQIA Science Fiction * * * Stars (Pretty good) Each time Arthur fails to fulfill his prophecy, he is reincarnated (along with all of his compatriots – Lancelot, Guinevere, etc.) and the cycle begins again. This time the spirit of Arthur lives on in teenage Ari, who is both orphaned and exiled from her homeworld when the all-powerful corporation, Mercer, seals … Read more

Wither – book review

Wither The Chemical Garden Trilogy #1 by Lauren DeStefano Dystopian Science Fiction * * * Stars (Pretty good) In a future where humans have orchestrated their own downfall through genetic engineering, lifespans have been drastically shortened – men die at 25 and women at 20 years of age. Sixteen-year-old Rhine is kidnapped by the Gatherers along with a number of other girls (teenagers) to become the brides of wealthy and privileged Linden Ashby. Her sister … Read more

Space Boy #11 – book review

Space Boy #11 by Stephen McCranie Graphic Novel Mystery Science Fiction Teen * * * * * Stars (Amazing!) The continuation of Oliver’s story as events upon the Arno unfold. His father secrets him inside the core to keep him safe while power systems all over the ship continue to fail. When Oliver can wait no longer for his family to join him, he climbs out and discovers that he’s completely alone. What could have … Read more

Rogue Princess – book review

Rogue Princess by B.R. Myers Cinderella retelling Romance Science Fiction Teen * * * Stars (Pretty good) Princess Delia has to choose a royal husband in order to solve her planet’s energy crisis, but finds herself falling for Aidan, whom she meets accidentally, when they bump into each other – he pretends to be her secret body guard (really, he’s looking for salvage he can sell to get off-planet) and she’s trying to escape her … Read more

Space Boy (series) – book review

Space Boy (series) by Stephen McCranie Graphic Novel Mystery Realistic Fiction Science Fiction Teen Tween * * * * * Stars (Amazing) When Amy’s father loses his job at the mine, the family is forced to leave the mining colony and return to Earth – a journey that will require them to be cryogenically frozen (so they will not age) and will take 30 years. By the time they arrive, Amy’s best friend Jemma will … Read more

We Are the Ants – book review

We Are the Ants by Shaun David Hutchinson LGBTQ+ Magical Realism Realistic Fiction Science Fiction Teen * * * * Stars (Great!) Henry Denton has been abducted by aliens countless times. They perform all kinds of experiments on him, then return him to Earth – naked and inconveniently far from home. He made the mistake of talking about it once, which earned him eternal bullying and the moniker “Space Boy.” Now the aliens have given … Read more

What Goes Up – book review

What Goes Up by Katie Kennedy Funny Science Fiction Teen * * * * Stars (Great!) Eddie, Rosa, Trevor, and Brad (among others) are vying for a coveted space on NASA’s Interworlds Agency team. After a battery of tests measuring not only their mental and physical aptitude, the ranks have been thinned. Those who are ultimately selected will undergo a rigorous training program that will teach them how to pilot a spacecraft, survive outside of … Read more