All the Greys on Greene Street – Read It and Rate It

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All the Greys on Greene Street
by Laura Tucker
Realistic Fiction
Juvenile Fiction

Review #1
* (A waste of time!)
This book was not what I was expecting. There were quite a few subplots within the main plot, none of which ever seemed to be tied off in the resolution. There was no resolution, no final ending. Olympia is an artist, along with her parents. Her father paints, her mother makes sculptures, and Olympia draws with black and white pencils. It seems to be like a mystery, but one that is never solved. Olympia’s father disappears and it’s up to her to find him. Along with that, there is a statue of a Head that seems to be tied along with the whole book, and Olympia is trying to find out about the Head. When her father disappears, her mother goes into bed and doesn’t get out for a few weeks. Another problem is the existing family is broken and there is no attempt at restoration. Also there is no hope in the story.

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