Because I’m Watching – book review

Because I’m Watching
Virtue Falls #4
by Christina Dodd
* * * * Stars (Great!)

The fourth book in Dodd’s Virtue Falls series, Because I’m Watching is a romantic thriller which hit’s all the right notes.  The two main characters, Madeline Hewitson and Jacob Denisov, are neighbors who have both experienced traumatic events in their lives.  Maddie survived a college dorm massacre and Jacob is a military veteran suffering from PTSD.  They meet for the first time when Madeline falls asleep at the wheel and drives her car into Jacob’s living room.  Jacob, now forced to interact with the world, eventually comes respect Maddie and the two of them team up to solve a series of unexplained, frightening events.

Because I’m Watching is an enjoyable book that keeps the reader involved from the first page.  The story is enhanced by the use of characters from previous stories in the Virtue Falls series, but can be read on its own.

Reviewed by Susan Oberhauser, Adult Services Librarian

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