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The Clique
Clique series #1
by Lisi Harrison
Realistic Fiction

Review #1
* * * * * Stars (Amazing)
This book, The Clique, is about 4 “mean” girls. The head one is known as Massie Block. She is rich and goes to a private all-girl school called OCD. Her friends’ names are Dylan, Alicia, and Kristin. Massie lives in a huge home that also has a guest home where the Lyons family moves in, which is Massie’s dad’s best friend’s family. The Lyons have a daughter named Claire, who wears old overalls and inexpensive clothes – unlike all the other girls. So all of the girls are mean to her. She does a couple of schemes, but fails. This is a really great girl book. It’s also my favorite series ever.

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