Die: Fantasy Heartbreaker – book review

Die: Fantasy Heartbreaker
Die #1
by Kieron Gillen
Graphic Novel
* * * * Stars (Great!)

Dominic/Ash’s friend Solomon designs the ultimate rpg for Ash’s birthday. Unfortunately, it sucks their whole party into another world, where they are trapped for two years, until they’re able to beat it and find their way back home (think Jumanji). Sol doesn’t make it back. Now, the teens are in their forties and come together to discuss events from their past when one of the dice from their game mysteriously appears. Once again they get sucked into the world, only this time Sol is the Grandmaster controlling everything – and he’s the one they have to defeat in order to win. It looks like he’s designed a humdinger of a challenge for them, but this party no longer wants to play. Dark and suspenseful, this first volume/collection introduces the players, and sets up the game world nicely. Readers will be interested in seeing how this all plays out.

Reviewed by YA Librarian

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