Legend of Auntie Po – book review

The Legend of Auntie Po by Shing Yin Khor Graphic Novel Historical Fiction Tween Grades 6+ * * * * Stars (Great!) It’s 1885, and Mei lives in a logging camp with her father who runs the kitchen, while she makes the most delicious pies. She sees all of the inequalities between the white workers and the Chinese ones (and other people of color), though – in pay, room and board. She also sees it … Read more

Miss Quinces – book review

Miss Quinces By Kat Fajardo Graphic Novel Realistic Fiction Tween (grades 6+) * * * * Stars (Great!) Suyapa loves manga and drawing comics and wishes she could go to summer camp with her friends (who are into the same things), but her mami is very strict (she says NO, absolutely not), and the family is going to Honduras to visit family. While they are there, Suyapa learns that her mami has planned a surprise … Read more

Astronauts – book review

Astronauts: Women on the Final Frontier written by Jim Ottaviani illustrated by Maris Wicks Biography Graphic Novel History Nonfiction Tween (grades 5+), Teen, Adult * * * * Stars (Great!) This nonfiction graphic novel written from the point of view of astronaut Mary Cleave, tells the story of how women made their way into space (specifically looks at the history and achievements of Russian and American female astronauts)! It was initially a struggle to get … Read more

Catherine’s War – book review

Catherine’s War by Julia Billet illustrated by Claire Fauvel translated by Ivanka Hahnenberger Graphic Novel Historical Fiction WWII/Holocaust (for grades 5+, teens, and adults) In 1942, teenager Rachel Cohen finds herself at the Children’s Home boarding school in Sevres France, after her parents send her there for her safety. World War II is being fought throughout France and the Germans are invading. As a Jewish person, Rachel is in an even more dangerous position and … Read more

Twins – book review

Twins by Varian Johnson Illustrated by Shannon Wright Graphic Novel Realistic Fiction Tween * * * * Stars (Great!) Maureen and Francine are identical twins who are starting 6th grade. Although they’ve spent all of their lives together up until now, on the first day of school it becomes clear that Francine wants to reinvent and distance herself from Maureen and their group of friends, which really hurts Maureen’s feelings. Francine has always been more … Read more

Aster and the Accidental Magic – book review

Aster and the Accidental Magic book #1 by Thom Pico and Karensac Adventure Fantasy Graphic Novel Tween * * * * Stars (Great!) Aster is not super thrilled when her parents move them from the city to a small mountain town so Aster’s mother can continue work on her robo-birds (that will save them all from the enormous crow migration that’s about to take place). After she meets a mysterious old lady shepherd who gives … Read more

Just Roll with It – book review

Just Roll with It written by Lee Durfey-Lavoie illustrated by Veronica Agarwal Graphic Novel Realistic Fiction Tween, grades 4-8 * * * Stars (Pretty good) Maggie is starting 6th grade and she’s anxious about making friends and making the transition to middle school. She has some coping mechanisms/rituals that she uses to help her feel more calm and in control – like rolling a d20 (20-sided die) to help her make decisions (or predict how … Read more

Manu – book review

Manu by Kelly Fernandez Fantasy Graphic Novel for teens * * * Stars (Pretty good) Manu is a foundling who was taken in by the sisters who run La Academia de Santa Dominga, a magic school for girls. She’s both powerful and a bit wild and is always wreaking havoc and getting into trouble. When a curse interferes with her ability to use her magic, Manu and her friend Josefina summon a spirit to help … Read more

Himawari House – book review

Himawari House by Harmony Becker Graphic Novel Realistic Fiction Adult/older teen * * * * * Stars (Amazing!) Three young Asian women become housemates in Japan, while they work, take Japanese classes, and plan for the future. Nao is Japanese American, Hyejung is from Korea, and Tina is from Singapore. They grow closer as they get to know each other – sharing food, feelings, and friendship as they try to figure out where they fit … Read more

Huda F Are You? – book review

Huda F Are You? by Huda Fahmy Graphic Novel Realistic Fiction Teen * * * Stars Loosely based on events from the author’s life, this tells the story of somewhat fictional Huda after her family moves to a new town with a large Muslim population. Huda, who is starting high school, expects that she’ll find the friendships and community she was missing out on in middle school, but discovers that her self identity is all … Read more