Fablehaven – book review


Fablehaven #1
by Brandon Mull
* * * * * Stars (Amazing!)

Kendra and Seth believe they are in for a long boring visit at their grandparents’ country home. The wooded property begs to be explored, but they are not allowed to enter the woods or go into the barn, and there are so many rules, they will never have any fun! Deciding to bend the rules, they venture out and discover that the rules are in place to protect them from the wild and often dangerous inhabitants of the property. Much like an animal preserve, Fablehaven is a refuge for mystical and magical creatures, and their grandfather is the caretaker! With some foolish choices, Kendra and Seth have stirred up a lot of trouble, not to mention the anger of the fairies. How can they combat their strong magical attacks on their family? This 2011 Rebecca Caudill nominee is sure to fascinate fans of the Harry Potter and the Percy Jackson series.

Reviewed by Anne Kunzen, Youth Services Staff

Grade level recommendation 4-8; Lexile: 700

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