Fake Blood – book review

Fake Blood
by Whitney Gardner
Graphic Novel
Realistic Fiction
* * * * Stars (Great!)

Now that AJ and his friends are in 6th grade, he’s hoping that something will change.  Hunter and Ivy, who did fun things over the summer, have both grown several inches, but AJ, who stayed home and read all summer, is still short and boring.  He does catch a break, however, when his new teacher pairs him with the girl of his dreams, Nia Winters.  They have to do a project on a country of their choice and Nia decides they should study Transylvania.  She is, incidentally, obsessed with vampires.  Knowing this, AJ sets out to make himself over into a vampire, so he can become the object of her desire.  His act is a little too convincing, and soon he’s under suspicion and being actively pursued by a vampire slayer!  AJ has to learn to find love by embracing his true self.  A funny coming of age story about friendship and finding/accepting yourself.

Reviewed by YA Librarian

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