Frankenstein – Read It and Rate It

Frankenstein (or a Modern Prometheus)
by Mary Shelley

Review #1
* * * * * Stars (Amazing!)
Frankenstein. The name echoes throughout all of literature, and has taken over the cinematic world as well, ever since an 18 year-old girl named Mary Shelley decided to write a book. She and her friends proposed a writing contest, but only two of them (Mary included) finished the challenge. Mary’s book was by far the most famous.

When people think of Frankenstein they imagine a green, inhuman monster, with stiff arms outstretched, and perhaps a line of stitches running across his forehead. They would be startled to discover that Frankenstein is not the name of the monster – it’s the name of the creator. Victor Frankenstein had a calm, peaceful childhood. He also had a mind for science, and a natural curiosity. When he goes to college, he decides to make a creature resembling a man (and made from parts of different dead people), who has superhuman strength and uncanny athleticism. Of course, Victor never expects his experiment to work (so when it does, he is horrified). Why all this fear? Why not just let the creature into the world and forget about it? As a matter of fact, this is what Victor does. Until he receives a letter from his family saying that his younger brother has been murdered, and the only mark of the murderer was a single fingerprint on the little boy’s neck. Thus begins one of the most fantastic stories of all time. Each page is filled with a thrilling plot. A must read!

Frankenstein is not a book I would’ve picked up had it not been for class. Some people are creeped out by it, and some people are absolutely fine with it. Definitely discuss it with someone who also loves book/stories, because it is NOT a book to be taken lightly. Phenomenal piece of literature, and one all people should read. For high school teens and adults.

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