Killer Angels – Read It and Rate It

Killer Angels
by Michael Shaara
Historical Fiction

Review #1
* * * * * Stars (Amazing!)
Coined as one of the best stories about the Civil War of all time, Michael Shaara brings you the famous battle of Gettysburg – from both the Confederate and Union armies. It is split up into three days, and significant events take place on each day. John Buford of the Union army chooses the high ground. Lee’s army marches on Gettysburg, with the numbers to back them. Of course, the readers know how the battle ended, but Shaara puts a new perspective on it. He describes the characters of the main generals or commanders, and quite poignantly shows how friends were fighting against each other in this war. As the book progresses, readers find themselves engrossed in history while also forming pictures of the well-known historical characters in their minds.

This is a classic that all should read. Yes, it is historical fiction which some might think dry. But since it is also historical FICTION, the readers get to know each character differently, and picture the different mindsets that wend on during this infamous battle.

For high school teens + adults (published for adults).

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