Friends Foundation Create GoFundMe For New Library Mini-Van

The HAPLD Friends Foundation have created a way for you to help the library continue to provide some important services through a GoFundMe campaign. We hope you will support their GoFundMe by making a donation and then sharing it with your friends.

The current library van is a 1998 Pontiac with over 110,000 miles. As it has aged, parts have become more difficult to find and it is getting more costly for repairs. Bottom line, the library staff need a “new” van. Actually, the Friends would prefer acquiring a used van and we are trying to raise funds to help with its purchase.

The library van is used for a variety of things. Among the most important is delivering library materials to patrons who use the Library2Go service because they cannot visit the library due to illness or injury.

This service is free and includes private residences as well as residents at assisted living facilities Heritage Woods and Deer Path. These services will expand as other assisted living facilities are built in the library district. The van is also used to pick up materials from the popular book drop located at the Huntley Jewel and by staff for errands, meetings and special events.

Your help will ensure the continuation of services to residents who cannot visit the library, and allow us to continue to pick up items from the convenient Jewel book drop. Please consider a tax deductible donation through the Friends Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization.

Help us to continue to provide these important library services to our community.

Click to donate now.

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