Last Graduate – book review

The Last Graduate
Scholomance #2
by Naomi Novik
* * * * Stars (Great!)

In this sequel to “A Deadly Education,” El comes into her true power as the school throws more and more magical monsters and impossible tasks her way. She begins to suspect that it is training her up for a specific purpose, which, fortunately or unfortunately aligns with her own goals – to get EVERYONE out. Safely. All of the graduating seniors, and maybe all of the students. This sort of deadly magical education is not what the founders of the school had originally intended, and if they had, it’s not what the students themselves want. But, in order to save everyone she will have to reach beyond her immediate allies and convince the rest of the student body to work together and look out for one another – not something their education has emphasized until now, and the social skills needed to do so are not among El’s repertoire. Another seemingly impossible task! Full of plans, negotiations, and monster slaying. Older fans of Harry Potter may enjoy this grittier magical school/universe.

Reviewed by YA Librarian

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