That Weekend – Read It and Rate It

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That Weekend
by Kara Thomas

Review #1
* * * * * Stars (Amazing!)
This book will keep you on edge and make you keep guessing throughout the whole book. One weekend a group of three friends, Claire, Kat, and Jesse go to a lake house when some mysterious things happen. Claire is mad at Kat when they go to sleep the first night and when they wake up they all get packed and ready for a hike. Claire gets mad at Kat up on th emountain and decides to head back to the lake house. On the way down something happens to Claire, and she wakes up bloodied and doesn’t remember anything about the hike or the night before. She also knows that her best friends are missing. Clare wants to know what happened on the mountain. Where are her friends? Claire knows the answers are somewhere in her memory, but can’t quite remember. Along her path she learns everyone keeps secrets – even her best friends. She is sure of one thing, though. She would not like the answers. Read “That Weekend” to find out what happened on the mountain and where her friends are.