Lies My Teacher Told Me (Young Readers’) – book review

Lies My Teacher Told Me Young Readers’ Edition
by James Loewen
adapted by Rebecca Stefoff
Young Adult Nonfiction
* * * * Stars (Great)

US history textbooks are often sanitized so as not to offend, scandalize, or expose youth to uncomfortable/unpleasant truths, but can leave learners with misconceptions about the history of their country. Students aren’t given the opportunity to see or discuss or research different viewpoints, get a sense of how historical events are connected, or view historical figures as whole people (instead of oversimplified heroes or villains). The lean, clean textbook version makes history dull and boring as well as inaccurate. Rebecca Stefoff adapts this popular adult book (“Lies My Teacher Told Me,” by James Loewen) for a younger audience. Interesting and engaging – you can’t say that history is boring after reading/listening to this.

Reviewed by YA Librarian

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