Lock and Key – Read It and Rate It

Lock and Key
by Sarah Dessen

Review #1
* * * Stars (Pretty good)
Ruby Cooper has just been hauled off to live with her sister, Cora and her husband Jamie after 10 years of not a peep from her. All she did was live in a house by herself since her mom had left her, but she was doing fine! Even though the yellow house was infested with bugs and the water didn’t run properly, it was better than being with a sister who had abandoned her. And now she was stuck in a luxurious neighborhood with a fancy new house and everything at her fingertips! So, why was she so wary of this newfound opportunity to heal and grow with new people, like the cute guy next door? And just like her, Nate has a few secrets of his own. So, the real question is, will Ruby be able to learn to trust and help the people around her?

When I first read the summary of Lock and Key, I thought it was going to be super fun and interesting to read because I usually like Dessen’s books, but it kinda fell flat. I know the summary of the book made it sound like Ruby was going to go through and heal from her abandonment, and she did…but in a lackluster way. She just magically got better after getting a talking to by Jamie, and she didn’t have any substance to her. Also, she was super ungrateful about all the things Cora and Jamie were giving her and that really frustrated me. Like, just accept their help and let it go! But no. She had to drag out the fact that bad things happened to her and ended up hurting people around her and wondered what she was doing wrong, because, OH you’re so traumatized and refuse to learn how to heal. Anyways, it was an ok book, but I wouldn’t read it again. For middle and high school teens.

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